More Information On How We Send You More qualfied VA Loan Referrals
Percentage of Leads filling out a loan application (28.75%)
Leads that were qualified for a loan (12 out of 50)
More About How This Program
As the world and internet evolve so does the way people receive information. And while it may not be a "HOT TOPIC" to talk about tracking client behaviors online.. It is happening.

We have unique online data to put your business in front of clients who needed your services right as we showed them your service or product. This is called "In Market Leads."

Imagine that you are looking at Chiropractors, Dentist, Realtors, or something to eat online. You then minimize that screen and hop on another page for a few minutes and now your are shown an ad for the exact thing you just needed!

The copywriting, the images the call to action is exactly perfect. You opt in and give this company your information.
Now that company can call you and send you through a sequence that gets you through there doors.
This is not a myth. Its proven. And you have likely had this happen to you.

We also have a unique system in which we ethically take 40% of your competitor's traffic, plug it into our backend system, and direct that traffic to your website.

We are currently seeking a loan officer in your area to take on our referral leads. The customers are already there we just need your permission to send them to you! If this is something that you have interest in and want more information on, feel free to schedule a 15 minute appointment to see if our service is a right fit for your practice. We only work with business owners who want their business scaled 10X, and are passionate on helping our veterans.

-Samuel Espinoza
The Client Giant
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